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We uphold the sole authority of the Word of God due to its inspiration of God and inerrancy.  Upon this foundation, here is a summary of the doctrines we believe the Word of God teaches.  These doctrines drive what we believe and define who we are.  A fuller doctrinal statement is available upon request.  

We Believe:   There is one God who is Holy, Eternal, the Creator and exists in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He created the world in 6 literal days and on the seventh day rested. Furthermore, He created all things for His glory and pleasure and maintains a sustaining relationship with His creation for His glory.  God revealed himself to mankind uniquely and specially through the 66 books of the Bible, which we believe is the complete (closed) Word of God. 

We Believe:  Jesus Christ is God. He was born of a virgin, shed His blood for sinners, was buried, and physically rose again. Christ lived a sinless life, died an innocent death, and rose victoriously from the grave. Christ died as our substitute, paying the penalty for us, so that we do not face the condemnation of God for our sinfulness.

We Believe:  Regarding His rapture and return, we hold the pre-tribulational and pre-millenial positions.

We Believe:  The Holy Spirit is God, works to convict men of sin and their need of Christ.  He indwells the believer providing power for doing right and serving the Lord.

We Believe:  Salvation is necessary because all have sinned and Hell is sin's punishment.  Jesus offers forgiveness of sin by dying on the cross and rising again.  Individuals must place their faith in Him alone to be forgiven from their sinfulness and reconciled to God.  Eternal life is the gift of God and means what it simply states: Believers are saved forever.

We Believe:  That God desires the Body of Christ to gather together in local assemblies with Biblically defined leadership, mission, and worship. The assembly of the Body of Christ, called a local church should be independent and autonomous.  Its members should be saved and baptized believers.  Christ is its head, while pastors are called by God to lead its members to follow the Bible.  We observe two ordinances:  Baptism (Immersion) and the Lord's Supper.

We Believe:  Believers are to become committed disciples of Jesus Christ and practice separation from sin and unbelief, and practice separation unto the Gospel. This distinct life is the "new life in Christ" that is empowered by the Holy Spirit and a normal part of the growing Christian experience. Our new life in Christ will never be perfectly attained while here on this earth, but we look forward to the day in which the work that was began in us, will be made complete when we stand before God in heaven. 

We Believe: As we progress through Christlikeness, our lives are living testimonies of God's grace. We believe that God may chastise believers who stray, calling them back to a life that reflects Christ. At the same time, we believe God responds to us with grace day in and day out after salvation, bestowing upon us all the riches that are found in Christ Jesus. We understand those "riches" to primarily (but not exclusively) to be Spiritual in nature and not guaranteed to be financial gain or prosperity. 

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