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Thank you for visiting our website at North Country. It's my prayer, no matter what you have gone through, or what you have done, that you know Christ as your personal Savior and that you are growing in your walk with Him.


We are a rural church that you will find is friendly and pursuing a personal relationship with God. Most likely, you will see us at the gas station, ball game, in one of the restaurants, or just around town. If you have questions about God, what it means to be a Christian, or are in need of counsel or prayer, feel free to reach out at any time. 

My Story


In 2004, the Brabson's moved to Millersburg, and began their ministry as an Assistant/Youth Pastor in Northern Michigan. Through this time, God has allowed Pastor to develop many relationships within the community for Christ. After having served as the assistant pastor, in 2011 the church voted to make Pastor Brabson the pastor at North Country. 


As an avid hunter and Chicago sports fan, Pastor James enjoys spending time with his family and the church here at North Country. Because of their background in youth ministry, the Brabson’s see the need for God-honoring families and desire to encourage both young and old families to glorify God through their homes. Besides the home, Pastor emphasizes expositional preaching as the foundation for the corporate worship gathering. With a heart for discipling the next generation of Christians in local churches, Pastor loves spending time with people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Outside the ministry here at North Country, Pastor serves on the advisory board for Camp CanaanLand in Michigan. God has also used Pastor James as a guest speaker, for a wide variety of ministry opportunities such as family and youth camps, Father/Son retreats, pastor's conferences, and wild game dinners. As well, Pastor stays busy coaching both in the community and in a school for baseball and basketball. 


God has graciously given Pastor James and his wife Bonnie four boys: Josiah, Ben, Jonas, and Clayton. (And their beloved pet brittany: Mack) Pastor would love to hear from you at any time, you can contact him via email on our contact page.  


Left photo: The Brabson Family-Ben, Pastor Jonas, Bonnie, Clayton, and Josiah

Right Photo: Pastor James presenting the Gospel at a Disabled Hunter's Dinner

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