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September 7th 

Men's Prayer Breakfast 9 AM

September 15th-18th

"When It Hurts at Home" Meetings (All Day Sunday, Monday through Wednesday 7 PM)

October 5th 

Church Harvest Party at the Vermilya's Sawmill-3 PM

Current Sunday Morning Sermon Series

Is church the product of man's mind or God's? Does God care about church, church services, and how church's are organized?


The church is God's Gospel made visible for all to see. So often, trite sayings have overrun run what God thinks and what God says about the church. On Sunday mornings, we are going through I Timothy to see what God has said about how and why Christians are called to gather together with one another. 

Our Pastor

Pastor James has served as a pastor in Northern Michigan since 2004 in both the assistant and senior pastorate.  With a background in working with youth and families, his heart and experience is in helping the home.  

Come Visit

It's intimidating to visit a church for the first time. We'd like to introduce you to our church and all that it has to offer.  Knowing what to expect may help make church less intimidating, and will clarify what our services are like.    


Every church has doctrine and beliefs.  In Acts 2, the early church was held in unity together by agreed upon doctrine.  Here is a summary of our doctrinal beliefs and teachings.

Hope for You

What do you do when you feel guilty?  What hope is there when you feel rotten over things you have done in the past or the circumstances of life right now?  We want to offer to you hope and answers to these important questions.

Service Times

Sunday School                 Sunday Worship                         Sunday Evening                        Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study                  Wednesday Kids Club

     10 AM                               11 AM                                         6:00 PM                                              7 PM                                                 7 PM