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North Country Summer Speakers Line Up

We are excited this summer to have a slate of great speakers to hear in the months of July and August. We are thankful for God using these men in our church to encourage and challenge us during the summer months.  Take a look and see who is coming this summer to North Country!

Ben, Lauren,
and the Girls
July 7th

Ben is one of our missionaries that we support at North Country. He has been serving faithfully on the island of New Guinea for the last couple of years in the village of Tirokave.  


We are thankful for our own missionaries when they are able to join us for a Sunday.  Ben will be preaching all day on July 7th, and we will be having a lunch and afternoon service on the Sunday that he is with us.  

Ben, Amanda,
and family
July 21st 

Ben Everson has been serving churches throughout the United States as an itinerate evangelist/speaker.  His heart and passion is for revival in churches and Christian schools.  Recently, the Lord has allowed him to also work across the border as a missionary/evangelist in Mexico.


Ben is gifted musically and in preaching the Word, and he will be with us all day July 21st.  

Lee, Stephanie, and the boys August 4th 

The Chatfield name is no stranger to us at North Country.  Lee's dad has been the pastor over in Burt Lake for over 20 years, and Lee has served with his dad at the school and church for the last couple of years.  He is currently purusing a Master's Degree in Political Science. 


Lee will be filling the pulpit while pastor is on vacation in August. On Sunday evening, Lee will be bringing a presentation on God in America.  

Nathan, Kristin, and the boys
August 11th 

Nathan is a graduate of Maranatha Baptist Bible College and has recently finished up his Master's degree from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.  We are excited to have him August 11th, in Sunday School and our morning service.


Nathan is heading to China to take classes at Soochow University near the end of August some time.  Join us to hear his plans for their time in China.  

Steve, Terry, and Michael Pettit-
August 21st 

Steve Pettit is a nationally known evangelist who has a music team travelling with him.  His itinerate ministry has now spanned more than 25 years, and served as a local church youth pastor prior to his evangelistic ministry.  


Steve and his music team first came to North Country last summer during our inter-church evangelistic meetings, and we were blessed with powerful preaching and excellent music.  Steve and the music team will be with us on Wednesday August 21st for an evening of great preaching and beautiful music.

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