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Our Mission

Why does North Country exist as a church?  The church is not just another community organization; it has a very specific role and mission given by God.  We believe the gospel makes the church unique and distinct from all other organizations and businesses within a community. Whether it is serving in Junior Church, enjoying dinner at a church fellowship, outreaching in the community, or hearing the preaching of God’s Word, our mission is the centerpiece of our activity.  

Our mission is that every person will have a
relationship with God through faith in Christ's
work on the cross, and that we will impact one
another to grow in that relationship with God.  

Our Values

Our values make us unique as a church.  When people ask what our church is like, these are the character traits we want people to be impacted most by.  These five values influence our decisions and our understanding of how our mission is accomplished by the church.   
Expository Preaching

The goal of preaching must never begin with the opinions of pastors, a board, or the congregation. Sermons at North Country are founded upon one question:  What has God said? Through exploring the truths in God's Word, we aim to apply those truths in a practical manner to every day living.   


We desire to be involved in both world-wide missions and local evangelistic endeavors.  Our missions support is centered around local church efforts to un-reached and under reached people around the globe.  We believe our personal evangelism comes through relationships that we develop for the sake of the gospel.

Personal Discipleship

After a person receives Christ as their Savior, we believe that they must grow in their relationship with God.  It is our desire to "link up" and through engaging people in a personal way, we can impact and influence one another to grow in this relationship.  This discipleship comes in many different ways, but always involving personally investing in each other.   

Family-Based Ministry 

The home and family is one of the key components to the church and to society as a whole.  We believe and teach from a complementarian perspective of the home, meaning that each member of the family has their defined role by God, and through these roles the home is completed through the complementary relationships between men, women, and children. We strive to reach every age group, thus we have a variety of activities and ministries reaching the youngest in the cradle to the oldest in our congregation.  

Loving Fellowship

One of the defining character traits of every Christian and every Christian church must be in the way that we show love to one another.  We strive to find ways to express servitude love towards each other, fulfilling the great commandment to "love one another".  

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