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Continuing through Covid:
November Update

Update as of November 18th, 2020


Counting our blessings is often important in times like these. It seems as though a minuscule virus has upended our lives and our country's economy. Beyond that, sifting through information that has intense political spin inter-woven with truth and data that is dispersed with political presuppositions can be tiring at best, and, if you are like me, maddening to no end. We have to step back at this point of being "covid tired", and realize what God did this past summer and fall through the ministry of our church. Don't lose sight of that. God is still calling people to repentance, and calling His people to be made into His image. 

As we have seen a resurgence of the virus particularly in our area, it has confronted us with difficult decisions that have multiple facets to them. As of the date of writing this, our local hospitals are at max capacity in their Covid Units, and we have seen in the past week a number of cases within our local schools. It has long been my desire that it would take an emergency level for us to cease from meeting due to the essential nature of the gather of the church. However, as I said recently, sometimes we have to give up important ministries, in order, to keep essential ministries going. 

With all of that being said as foundational, I want to communicate to you the following changes and information for North Country beginning tonight, November 18th, through Monday, December 7th.



-We are suspending ALL children's ministries at North Country. This includes SOS Club, Sunday School, as    well as Junior Church. I am well aware of the implications of this for the practices for our Christmas program, it is my hope and prayer that parents will still work on the program with their children at their homes.

-We are reinstating a number of the social distancing policies/requests that we made on all in attendance back in the summer. This includes sitting together in family units, keeping 2-3 chairs between one another, not hugging or shaking hands, etc. Please see the announcement on the screen given in church. 

First and foremost, if you still do not feel comfortable attending in person services at North Country, you are welcome to Live stream our services via our Facebook page. You can access that page here. We recently have done some work and, I believe, we have this back up and going. As a general rule, you will be able to view our whole Sunday morning worship service at 11 AM and our Wednesday Night Bible Study at 7 PM. (We will not be live streaming our prayer request or our prayer times.)

Furthermore, please note that we are going through a regular cleaning time and a sanitization process between each of our Sunday and Wednesday gathering times. 

With all that being said, we would like to announce the following: 

1.    Beginning June 14th, we will be restarting all of our Sunday Children's Ministries. This includes: Sunday              School, Junior Church, and our Nursery. 

2.    Also beginning June 14th, we will be restarting our Adult Sunday School Class at 10 AM. 

3.    Wednesday Night SOS Kids Club will resume on Wednesday, June 24th at 7 PM during our Wednesday              Night Bible Study hour with the adults. 

4.    Vacation Bible School was scheduled for the week of June 22nd-25th. We have decided to cancel this                ministry for this year. We look forward to running VBS on June 21st-24th 2021.

5.    We are going to have a All Church Cookout on July 5th after the morning service. The church will provide          hamburgers and hotdogs for the grill. There will be a sign up sheet for bringing all the sides. 

6.    We are taking registrations for church camp! Church camp is planned to run on July 6th-10th for the                Juniors and July 20th-24th for the Teenagers. Please contact Pastor if you would like to go to camp this            year! 

We hope to welcome you back to North Country this summer!  

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