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Winter Time

A time for church family, food, and fellowship 

At North Country, winter time is a favorite time for us as a church.  From November through March, we change things up on Sundays.  Each Sunday, we have our normal Sunday School and Morning Worship Service at 10 and 11 AM respectively.  During these winter months, after our morning service we gather together in our fellowship hall and have a "bring in" lunch together. Its during this time that we get to know each other better and are able to serve one another.  It's also a time for us to try out each other's receipes and see what new recipe we can learn and enjoy !  After lunch, we have an afternoon service that gets over around 2 PM.  


A little out of the ordinary? Maybe. Not the traditional way to have two services? Perhaps.  But we love it. The winter months can be so long and lonely. We think it's important to have the one on one contact in each other's lives, and this is one way we work to accomplish it. For some of our olders, they enjoy being able to come to both services and not having to drive at night. For some of our younger families, they love the play time their kids get with the other kids at church, and not have to bundle the kids up in the evening to come to our second services. Through these lunches and afternoon services, you are able to get to know people better and make closer friends in the church. Even if you can't afford to bring food with you, we invite you to join us.  We never have run out of food during these lunches and afternoon services.  


Depending on what's going on after our afternoon services some of the guys may go out ice fishing, some families get together and play card games, or some just go home and relax as a family for the day.  Whatever you'd like to do, please accept our invitation to join us.           

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